Rental Property Periodic Inspection Report

Free Rental Property Inspection Checklist – Why should it be done?

All you need to know about it

The primary objective of a free rental property inspection checklist is for the house owners to ensure that their property is in complete shape and without any problems. Right from the interiors to the exteriors of the house, the owner is to check everything and keep an eye on the tenants. The inspections are conducted mostly on quarterly basis as per the owner’s will.

Why is it required

The free rental property inspection checklist is vital as the owners can then keep a check on the tenants. Also, if the house is not in a good condition, then what measures should be undertaken are also considered by the owner. There are several applications available that let you take notes or photos of every room and then analyze it accordingly.

A notice for the tenants

The tenants should be given a notice period prior to the inspection by the owner. There are certain rules on the days the notice should be given before the inspection. Generally, the duration is 7 days and the notice is sent 7 days prior to the inspection. Also, the notice must be in writing.

The aftermath

The end result of an inspection is either good or bad. First of all, if there are some necessary maintenance checks that should be done in the house, then that is the right time to do so. The owner should take the responsibility of all this and ensure that the tenants keep the house in a better way to live in.


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