Security Deposit Agreement

Enhance security of transaction with free printable Security Deposit Agreement form

Security deposit is indeed essential if you see a transaction from the seller’s point of view. The agreement should have certain security deposit rules, which the seller can modify according to his convenience. Security deposit laws need to be followed by both the seller and the buyer irrespective of the location of the apartment.

If you want to get free printable security deposit agreement form, all you have to is to download this form, customize it, and print it.

These are the basic security laws which a free printable security deposit form should mention:

  • Security amount: The amount of the security deposit needs to be mentioned clearly. Also, details should be given whether the deposit needs to be made in cash or in the seller’s account.
  • Storing deposit: The security deposit will be included in escrow or not, needs to be specified.
  • Reasons for deduction of security deposit: If there are reasons for deducting the security deposit, those reasons should be stated in the agreement.
  • Returning deposit: If the transaction is cancelled, then the seller should refund the security deposit to the buyer within a time period. This time period should be mentioned in the form.
  • Declaration: Both the parties, i.e. the buyer and the seller should agree to the terms of the security deposit agreement and should put their signatures in the form.

Get your copy of the security deposit agreement form and have a risk-free property deal.

Security Deposit Letter Template

Sample security deposit agreement

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