Settlement Sheet

Provide complete satisfaction to your buyer with Printable settlement form sheet

A settlement form is a form which lists down all the charges levied on the borrower and the seller when a transaction takes place.

The following points give an overview of free printable settlement sheet form:

  • Settlement charges: The entries are calculated, and the settlement charge is mentioned.
  • Agency commissions: Commission needs to be paid to the agencies. The buyer may r pay the commission or directly to the agency, or it will be deducted from the seller’s account.
  • Loan charges: The percentage of the loan charge needs to be mentioned, and if there are any mortgage charges in addition to the loan, that too needs to be mentioned.
  • Advances which need to be paid by the buyer: As a security deposit, the buyer needs to pay an amount which will be deducted later when the transaction is done.
  • Title charges: The charges incurred in document preparation and insurance policies are included in title charges.
  • Government recordings: The costs of the deed, mortgage, tax stamps, are included as a part of government recordings.
  • Summary of seller’s transactions: Gross sale price, values of personal property, uncollected rents are calculated, and the gross amount due to the seller is mentioned.
  • Cash settlements: Whatever has already been paid to the seller is deducted, and the borrower needs to pay the leftover amount.

A free printable settlement sheet form can prove to be extremely handy for you when you are dealing with mortgage issues.

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