Contract Sale of Condominium

contract-sale of condominium


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Get an idea about condominium sale with free printable sample contract for sale of condo form

A free printable sample contract for sale of condo form will mention the following points:

  • Details of the seller and purchaser: The form will start with the details of both the seller and the purchaser. The name, address, contact number and email id of both the parties have to be mentioned. If instead of individuals, companies or enterprises are involved in the transaction, then those details need to be mentioned.
  • Attorney details: The details of the attorneys of both the parties have to be provided.
  • Details of the condominium: The name of the condominium and its location has to be mentioned.
  • Declaration: Both the seller and the purchaser should carefully read the document and sign it.
  • Closing statement: The closing statement addresses the issue of payment in case full payment has not been made and in case, the purchaser has paid the full amount, it should then list the benefits to which the purchaser is entitled like all the legal documents of ownership and the keys.
  • Provide affidavit as evidence: Both the parties should provide the affidavit declaring that their name matches with the name mentioned in the sale papers.
  • Closing adjustments: All the extra costs incurred during the process of the transaction, the security deposits- all these should be mentioned in the closing adjustments.
  • Legal stamp: The form should be verified by a legal authority and must bear a legal stamp.

Mention these points in the free printable sample contract for sale of condo form.

Simple Contract Sale Of Condominium Template

Sample Contract Sale Of Condominium

Contract Sale of Condominium

Sample Contract Sale of Condominium Form

Contract Sale of Condominium

Simple Contract Sale of Condominium Template

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