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Assure the tenants with free printable short form Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is a document which states that a tenant is allowed to occupy an (or some rooms) space in the landlord’s property by paying a monthly rent in exchange. The form once signed is legally binding.

A free printable short form rental agreement mentions the following points:

  • Period of agreement: The period of the agreement up to which the agreement is valid has to be clearly stated.
  • Rent: The monthly rent has to be mentioned in the agreement.
  • A form of payment: The form of payment, whether in cash or in cheque or through net banking needs to be specified.
  • Due date: The due date of payment of the rent every month needs to be mentioned clearly.
  • Security deposit: The tenant may occupy a place in the landlord’s property and then leave. In such a scenario, the landlord will face a loss. To protect himself from such losses, the landlord asks for a security deposit. The security deposit varies from place to place. In some places, it is the rent of one month whereas, in other places, it is the rent of three months.
  • Signature: The form concludes with the signature of both the landlord and the tenant.

There is no dearth of tenants looking for a place to stay. The most important factor which they consider while taking place for rent is whether that place is safe for staying and whether the landlord is cooperative. Assure your tenants with free printable short form rental agreement.

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