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Hire workers with the help of free printable scope of work form

The scope of work from officially describes the work which is to be done during the contract. This form is not the actual document of the contract, but it lists down the expectations related to the job. The scope of work forms of the covers the list of the work to be done and the deadline of finishing the tasks. The details about the payment and the work conditions are mentioned in the form.

A free printable scope of work form has the following details mentioned in it:

  • Glossary: The terms and the abbreviations used in the form should be mentioned here so that any layman can understand it.
  • Statement of purpose: As the name suggests, this part talks about the purpose of the project.
  • The scope of work: The entire work is broken down into subsections. In the scope of work, details of each section of the work are given.
  • Timeline: The complete schedule of the project is explained here. It mentions the daily or weekly completion dates of parts of the project if any and the final deadline for completion of the project.
  • Compensation: This part explains the compensations related to the project if the project is not completed within the deadline.
  • Signatures: The form should be signed by both the parties and the date should be mentioned.

You can easily get the free printable scope of work form online. You only have to download the form and mentioned those points which are discussed above.

Simple Scope of Work Template

Printable Scope of Work Form

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