Enhance security of mortgage with printable truth in lending form

Whenever people are thinking of moving to a new house, the thought of a huge investment enters their mind because buying a new house requires a lot of money. For getting a house loan, an asset needs to be kept as a mortgage. A free printable truth in lending form can prove to be extremely helpful to these people.

A truth in lending form is basically a form in a letter format which gives information about the cost of credit. It contains the details of mortgage payment and financing.

This form needs to specify the following details:

  • Applicant and lender’s details:

The name and address of the applicant needs to be mentioned. Also, the lending party, which can be an organization or an individual, also needs to mention its details.

  • Date and place of signing of the form:

It contains the venue where the form has been signed along with the date.

  • Details of the amount:

This includes the amount which has been financed and its charge, percent rate, the sale price and the down payment amount.

  • Payment schedule:

It mentions about the total number of payment and the amount which is due.

  • Penalty:

It specifies the rate which will be charged in case of late payment.

  • Signature:

The form needs to be signed by both the lender and the borrower.

A truth in lending disclosure is given twice: initially when a person is applying for a mortgage loan; the second and the final disclosure is given before closing. When you customize a free printable truth in lending form, be sure to include the annual percentage rate in it.


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