Owner’s Affidavit

Simple, Ready to Use – Free & Printable Owner’s Affidavit Form

Sometimes a person needs to explain what belongs to him/her. An affidavit form can explain clearly how the owner purchased it or how he/she inherited the property or vehicle, etc. An affidavit of ownership is needed when a deed or a title certificate is not enough. An affidavit is asked by a bank or other financial institution or county recorders when an additional proof is needed.  The affidavit then proofs that you are the rightful owner of that property.

Owner’s Affidavit Form

The Owner’s Affidavit form clearly states the following things:

  • It starts with the state and county
  • Then Owner’s name
  • Then that property belongs to him and is totally legal.
  • In the end sworn oath and signature of a notary.

For Example, the Free Printable Owner’s Affidavit Form is presented like this:

Below the Heading –

  • State and County names
  • Name of owner and name of his county and state

It generally describes the property in question and the fact that it is being fully paid. That nothing is pending which might impair or involve title to said property. There is no kind of debts or outstanding payment against that property. No petition for bankruptcy has been filed against the owner in the last few months in any court.

The body of this affidavit ends with the fact that the owner has total control over his property and there is nothing against that property which might prove it otherwise. At last is a blank space where a notary signs.

Final words

These Free Printable Owner’s Affidavit Forms are different mainly about the specifications of said property or vehicle whichever is in question. One can easily print these free forms according to his need.

Simple Owner's Affidavit Template

Sample Owner’s Affidavit

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