Partnership Agreement

Simple, Free & Printable Partnership Agreement Form

A legal form of business operation between two or more individuals who shares profit and loss is noted by different types of agreements and bonds. Partnership agreements are foundations over which businesses all over the world are built. A written document between you and your business partner is a good way to set up a business without any legal problems between partners in future. Through this legal document, all partners divide profits, responsibilities, etc.

Partnership Agreement Form

A Free Printable Partnership Agreement form can be customized according to the need of the partners. But basically a free partnership agreement form found on the web states these terms:

It starts with the date on which a partnership was formed along with names of all the partners and their addresses. Next, we come across in the form is Name of the business and address of the business office where all work is to be conducted.

Now the different terms and conditions set by partners like who is investing how much capital and this capital account is to be maintained at all times. Then comes a very important part which is profit and loss sharing, where partners equally share profit and loss of their company. Their management duties are equally distributed. All funds and earnings shall be deposited to the bank. Then there are terms of voluntary termination of partnership or dissolving of a partnership by a partner’s death.

Sometimes a contract is breached by a partner so in times like that the dispute is settled by courts. And at last below the whole agreement signature of all partners with a date on which it started.  This is just a small example of a Free Printable Partnership Form.

Concluding words

Partnership Agreement forms are of different types and one needs to customize it if it is not up to the mark you expected. Free Printable Partnership Agreement form can be customized by adding addendum which might be missing.

Simple Partnership Agreement Template

Sample Partnership Agreement

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