Pet Agreement (Addendum to the Rental Agreement)

Basics of Free Printable Pet Addendum Forms and Owners Pet Agreement

A Pet Addendum form or Owners Pet Agreement is a legal binding contract between parties whether it is a rental property or for a property taken on a lease. Most times, the original contract doesn’t allow pets inside the property or simply doesn’t have anything mentioned about pets.

An owner’s pet agreement is generally added to an existing document or agreement between the owner of the pets and the owner of the property. This legally binding agreement between an owner and his/her tenant becomes a part of the original agreement. If the landlord signs this pet addendum form, it generally means he/she is giving permission to allow pets to stay in that property.

Pet Addendum Forms or Owners Pet Agreement

The following things are the basic elements found in such an agreement:

  • Date when this was changed and extra terms were added
  • Property, where pets are, supposed to be allowed
  • Owner and tenant’s name, signature, etc.
  • Type of pets
  • Damage deposit which will be returned if pets doesn’t damage anything on property
  • Pet rent if applicable
  • Signatures of both parties

Free Printable forms

If a tenant cannot draw up such an agreement he/she can always get Free Printable Pet Addendum Forms or Owners Pet Agreement. This form is needed when a tenant has or gets a new pet or pets. These forms are available on the internet in abundance for tenants to download or print directly in case they need it.

Simple Pet Agreement Template

Sample Pet Agreement

Sample Pet Agreement Letter

Free Pet Agreement Template

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