Surrender Release

Terminate the contract with free printable release form

In the language of law, surrender is defined as that condition when a tenant gives up the possession of property and as a result, the term of the tenancy ends. A release form is a document which states in clear words that the agreement which was made between the releasor and the releasee has terminated. The releasor is the person who is releasing the person or a party from the agreement and the releasee is an individual or organization who is being released from that agreement.

Get a free printable surrender form and fill it properly, clearly stating all the conditions so that you will not have to remain bounded to your releasor after the deal has ended. A free printable release form is used by both the parties to protect themselves from unwanted claims after the termination of the agreement.

Surrender and release form has the following characteristics:

  • The releasor needs to give acknowledgement that he is well aware of the fact that the deal has ended and has no right to claim anything from the releasee.
  • The releasee has to give consent.
  • The release form needs to be very specific while giving details about the terms of the release.
  • The drafter of the release form should be someone associated with judiciary like a solicitor or a lawyer.
  • Both the parties need to put their signature.

In case of a surrender, a charge may be levied on the person asking for the surrender which needs to be paid to complete the process.

Simple Surrender Release Template

Sample Surrender Release

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