Subcontractor Agreement

Hire subcontractors with the help of free printable subcontractor form

The subcontractor form covers the list of the work to be done and the expectations regarding that work. This agreement says that the subcontractor will be paid an amount upon completion of the work. The details about the payment and the work conditions are mentioned in the form.

A free printable subcontractor form has the following details mentioned in it:

  • Insurance:

Insurance facilities and incentives, if available in the job, need to be mentioned.

  • Time and schedule of work:

The schedule of the work and the job duration will be decided by the contractor and the subcontractor has to abide by it.

  • Warranty:

The subcontractor has to warrant tools and machines used in the job site, against all defects for the period of his employment.

  • Indemnification:

The subcontractor takes responsibility and accepts the risk of the job. The contractor or any other employee of the organization will not be held responsible for the loss incurred due to the service provided by the subcontractor.

  • Termination:

The agreement will continue to remain in effect until and unless a written cancellation has been provided by either party.

  • Choice of law:

It should contain the name of the state in which the agreement has been signed.

  • Declaration:

It should contain the declaration that the subcontractor is an individual contractor. He is not bound to the contractor as his employee.

  • Signature of subcontractor and contractor:

The name and signature of both the contractor and the subcontractor should be present.

You can easily get free printable subcontractor agreement online. All you have to do is to download it and mentioned the points which have been discussed above.

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Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement

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