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Surveys show that around 70% of Americans refer to product reviews before making a purchase. Real estate agents are themselves a product in the field of real estate and testimonial letters by your past clients act as reviews. Go through different websites to learn Testimonial Letters Examples – Real Estate Sample. This is very important to convert your possible leads into your next clients.

As clients nowadays are more informed, it is imperative that you keep a stock of testimonial letters from your past clients. Testimonial letters will give clients a quick picture of your work and competences.

Some points need to be followed for a good testimonial letter:

  • It must be a client’s personal view on your past work. Testimonial Letters Examples usually suggest that content must be about their personal experiences with you rather than a bland description of your services.
  • The letter should usually start with the client stating their condition before meeting you.
  • It must highlight how you solved the client’s issues. It should pinpoint any specific problem the client had been looking at and how you handled it.
  • How you converted the client’s dream into reality.
  • It is better if the client had any disputed property which you helped to solve in the process.
  • It must be a sincere appreciation of your work and to the point.

With the advent of tech-savy clients these days, posting your testimonial letters on your website is a good help. This is a quick way to get you noticed among clients.

Hope the concept of Testimonial Letters Examples – Real Estate Sample now is clear to the readers.

Simple Testimonial Letter Template

Sample Testimonial Letter

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