Know your tenants better with a proper TENANT RENTAL APPLICATION FORM

A crucial step before renting out your house or apartment is to know more about your would-be tenants who might be total strangers. Get your tenant rental application form done intricately to get an authentic information of your tenants.

Tenant rental application form usually requires every member of tenant family or group to fill up personal details.

Main purposes of rental forms:

  • Getting a detailed idea about possible tenants
  • Helpful record of tenants for identification during emergency situations and for law-enforcement officials
  • Helpful in resolving disputes between landlords and tenants in future
  • If you have several units of housing to be rented, rental forms are helpful for identifying extra needs for existing tenants

General information usually included in tenant rental application forms:

  • Name of applicants
  • Current Address and previous address of applicant with zip code and working contact number
  • Contact details of previous landlord
  • Current employment information of applicants including company contact details
  • Institution details for student applicants
  • Identification documents and details like driver’s license and passport
  • Emergency contact details and relationship with emergency contact person
  • Marital status and details of family members

Once you get the rental forms filled, you can follow the contacts mentioned by applicants to do a customary check on the applicants. Follow the Privacy Act 1993 while collecting information from applicants as requesting some kind of information might be unlawful. You cannot violate the Human Rights Act and discriminate among possible tenants on who to rent or on whether to continue a tenancy.



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Tenant Rental Application


Tenant Rental Application

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