Termination of Subcontract and Completion of Work by Contractor

How to be professional in writing Termination of Subcontractor Letter

As in other professions, it becomes necessary to part ways with subcontractors in real estate business. You will require to terminate contracts with subcontractor due liabilities created by them in your business. You will need to covey your decision in a Termination of Subcontractor Letter to keep it official.

Termination of Subcontractor Letter has to be very diplomatic and specific. As ending partnership in work is difficult, your termination letter must be honest and clean.

Things to include:

  1. Concrete information:

Clearly state the purpose of the letter and let the subcontractor know that this officially ends his terms of working with you. Other details like name of person or firm of subcontractor must be mentioned along with the date on which termination becomes effective.

  1. Reasons of termination:

State the exact complaints received from clients or observed during work against the subcontractor. Mention how the subcontractor has violated terms of contract with you or how her actions are a liability. Present documented evidences of subcontractor’s misconducts or non-compliance to agreements.

  1. Severance terms:

Inform the subcontractor of and direct her to return any goods and services, authentication information, keys provided by your firm at the time of termination. Also mention the payments, benefits or equities the subcontractor is entitled to according to agreements.

  1. Plug loose ends:

Pen down all legal procedures to cover any dispute that might be raised by subcontractor upon dissatisfaction of termination. Make sure your allegations or causes of termination against the subcontractor are valid. Be just in your severance payments and let the subcontractor leave with her rightful entitlements. Do not be utterly personal in your termination letter to avoid any awkward position with subcontractor or clients in future.

Simple Termination Of Subcontract Template

Sample Termination Of Subcontract

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