Free Printable Blank Quitclaim Deed Example Form – A quick view

In some point of life you might face the need to transfer your property rights to some of your family members, relatives or business partners. In order to make any such change of property and ownership official, you require a document which is known as Quitclaim Deed Form or simply Quit Claim.

You may lookup various websites for Free Printable Blank Quitclaim Deed Example Form.

Quitclaim Deed form might come in handy when you need to:

  • gift a property to another person
  • correct spelling of names in property documents
  • change tenancy between owners
  • clarify if a property is community or separate property after marriage
  • add spouse’s name to existing property documents
  • transfer property to your child, sibling or other family member
  • remove spouse’s name from property documents after divorce
  • bequeath to someone in a will upon death
  • transferring property to your business partner

Free Printable Blank Quitclaim Deed Example Form is the easiest way to transfer property legally. However, the form does not provide any guarantee that seller possesses ownership of the property that is being transferred.

What to include in Quitclaim Deed?

  • Address and appropriate description of the property to be transferred
  • Date of transfer
  • Details of parties involved (Names and address, relationship between parties)
  • Payments involved if any (most of the times there is no payment involved in property transfer)
  • Tax information and exemptions associated with the properties being transferred
  • Details of mineral rights when properties involve natural resources like oil wells, mines, etc.

Do consult a legal adviser while formulating your Quitclaim Deed for legal correctness.


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