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Missouri Real Estate Contract Form: guide to real estate transaction

Missouri is nicknamed as ‘Show me State’ as the Missourians are known for their unconvinced nature. Being a state of migrants, it is ranked 18th in terms of population. For the welfare of its people (the motto being –let the welfare of the people be the supreme law) U.S, Legal Forms.com provides Free Printable Missouri Real Estate Contract Form to provide guidance and protection to its population.

A number of forms are offered which are common as landlord tenant forms, power of attorney, deed of trust, real estate partnership and so on. Some promissory notes, tax-free exchange agreement, first refusal agreement, foreign person affidavit are available with a free printable option.

Forms in packages of adoption, bankruptcy, divorce, identity theft, home sales, and small business are available.

Importance of Missouri real estate contract form

  • It is required by parties entering into real estate transaction either as a seller, buyer or mortgage.
  • No broker or authorized agent is needed in the real estate transaction in the State of Missouri.
  • It contains the details of contract closing and default options.
  • The contract itself communicates the due date of payment and closing date.

Supporting documents to be attached with the form in case of residential property purchase or sale

  1. Buyer’s credit information
  2. Inspection statement
  3. Property evaluation revelation.

Both parties the buyer and seller must sign all the pages of the Free Printable Missouri Real Estate Contract Form. The property condition, the parties to the transaction, inspection and other aspects must be mentioned in the form.

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