When Is Fencing Your Property Necessity?

There are a number of incidents when fencing of the boundary is required for various reasons. But one thing is to keep in the mind that if you are fencing a boundary which is attached to someone other’s property, and then you have to make a mutual decision to fence that common boundary.  To take a mutual decision, there is a Free Common Fence Agreement Form Template which is to be filled and entertained by the both the parties.

In this article, we will discuss the details of the Common Property Fence Form Template which will act as an agreement between the two parties involved in the fencing of a common boundary.

This Common Property Fence Form Template will include:

  • Name of the both parties which are involved in the agreement
  • Legal proof of the property of the first party like municipal registration
  • Legal proof of the property of the second party
  • Mutual consent between them to fence the boundary
  • Costs related to construction of boundary will be paid by the first party as per the agreement
  • Maintenance of the fencing will be carried by the first party
  • Agreement will be followed unless it is scrapped by the mutual consent of the parties involved
  • Inheritance of the property will not scrape the agreement, but it has to be followed by the heirs of both the parties
  • Any modification, termination in agreement will be placed after the mutual consent of the both parties
  • There will be a date from which agreement will be effective
  • There should be a witness from both the parties and their signature should be on the form so that agreement should not be scrapped unilaterally.

So in this way, it will be the proper way to make a Free Common Fence Agreement Form Template, and all steps should be followed in accordance with the different situation and circumstances.

Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor_003

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