Exclusive Listing Contract

Exclusive Contract Agreement Form: For easy deal making

Exclusive Contract Agreement Form is made between two or more entities that can exclusively purchase goods from the seller. So this form is made in favor of seller where he has to be the only provider of the goods.

When is Exclusive Contract Agreement Form used?

  • It happens to be used in a situation where you are the only service or goods provider to any business.
  • If someone else has agreed to provide goods exclusively to your business.
  • If someone wants to create boundaries for the competitors as your business partner, they will be limited to work with you only under Exclusive Contract Agreement Form.


Advantages of Exclusive Contract Agreement Form

  • Not only it limits the competition but creates strong relationship regardless of any mess or argument due to multiple entities involvement.
  • It creates a sense if predictability of future costs so as to operate a large company.
  • It also strengthens business relationships as both the entities do not have to be formal.


However, a certain level of cooperation is necessary that keeps the terms alive as it leaves a good impact on the final productivity or outcome. One of the best features of Exclusive Contract Agreement Form is that it limits the interference of the third party which leads to direct communication and so a buyer will be able to put his exact needs forward, and seller will be able to provide him what exactly he is demanding. This builds the relationship and makes a business to happen in the smoothest way as possible.

Simple Exclusive Listing Contract Template

Sample Exclusive Listing Contract

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