Agreement Settling Dispute As To Boundary Line

Boundary Agreement Form, if Nations Had This One as Well!

Boundary Agreement Form helps in resolving boundary line issues amicably.

Two neighbors are unsure or unaware of the extent of boundaries they share. They can either fight this situation out the court of law or can save time, emotions and money by getting in touch with a Surveyor and eventually signing a Boundary Agreement Form.

Boundary Line Agreement Form is signed when:

  1. The actual line demarcating two adjacent properties is unknown or not well defined
  2. The Borderline is under dispute since many years
  3. The owners of the respective properties are not able to arrive at any conclusion after various meetings and discussions

Any of the either situations is a great prompt to involve a Surveyor and get a Boundary Agreement Form signed by both the parties involved.

Boundary Agreement Form – What it enlists?

The Boundary Line Agreement Form has:

  • Name of both the parties involved
  • Name & Governing Body of that Area
  • Name of the Surveyor/Attorney
  • Address, Size & Location of the Properties involved
  • Whether transfer of title has happened in the final outcome
  • Area of the land swapped

This document is registered with the local governing body and is validated accordingly.

Boundary Agreement Form clearly states that both the parties have arrived at a decision and violation of this decision by either of them can lead to a legal course of action in future.

In a lot of cases, this Affidavit also includes certain fees like improvement costs and maintenance charges.

Boundary Agreement Form is a legal document, and it accepted by the court of law. This Agreement also holds testimony to the fact that all the parties involved have settled their respective concerns amicably.

Simple Agreement Settling Dispute As To Boundary Line Template

Sample Agreement Settling Dispute As To Boundary Line

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