Keep calculations easy with free printable rental ledger template forms

The rental ledger template helps you keep an account of your rent transactions. It gives you a summary of the rents which you have paid in the previous months and gives you an idea of how much rent to pay in case a late fine is charged to you. With the help of free printable rental ledger template form, life will be too easy and convenient.

Following are the details which you should mention in a free printable rental ledger template form:

  • Owner and tenant information: The form should have the correct name, address, contact number and the email id of the landlord and the tenant.
  • Rental period and lease termination: The duration for which the tenant wants to occupy the apartment or the room needs to be mentioned. Along with this, the date on which the lease will be terminated also has to be mentioned.
  • Details of rent: The amount of the rent and the date of payment of the rent need to be clearly mentioned. All the previously rents need to be included.
  • Property details: The location and the property and a short description about the maintenance of the property need to be given.
  • Tenancy handover: The terms of the tenancy handover needs to be mentioned.
  • Details of the organization where the tenant studies or works: The details of the school/college need to be provided in case the tenant is a student, and if the tenant is working in an organization, the details of the workplace should be mentioned along with the annual earning of the tenant.


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