End Of Lease Letter

Free Printable End of Lease Letter Form format made available

End of lease letter or notice to vacate is a written letter which either landlord or tenant can write notifying the other of their intention to vacate. It is an important document and protects the interest of both. A fairly good idea can be judged by Free Printable End of Lease Letter Form available online.

Typically an end of lease letter is for the protection of a tenant in the event of a dispute. This is why it is very important for a corresponding copy to be kept.

Important details at the end of Lease Letter

End of lease letter is an important tool and mandatory by law in many states. Hence, it is imperative that all factors are included in it so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts later. Following points should be kept in mind before penning a letter: –

  • Make sure to address the letter to your landlord on his formal address
  • Do not forget to mention the date in your letter
  • Write the subject line crisply stating that this is indeed an end of lease letter
  • Mention the date on which you would be vacating the premises
  • You could add a reason if you wish
  • Be very clear while asking for your deposit back
  • If possible give your landlord a forwarding address
  • Put your formal signature at the end

The end of lease letter is the same as notice to end the tenancy. If you are anxious, you could always take online help with Free Printable End of Lease Letter Form. It would certainly make your life easy.

End Of Lease Letter End Of Lease Letter

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