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Confusion about Chekin and Out List Form? Wipe out them here

Let’s start directly from knowing A to Z of Checkin and out list forms.

What are these forms for?

Free Printable checkin list Form and Free printable check out list Form are similar to overall inspection forms. They focus on particulars of a room or a house a tenant is going to take. These forms should be duly signed to confirm the settled condition of that room or house.

What are the parts of Checkin out list forms?

First Part

  • Name and Address of the tenant
  • Tenant’s Permanent address
  • Contact details
  • Number of rooms
  • Caution money amount for the present lease

Second Part

  • Check in and check out dates
  • The condition of room items before check in and after checkout:
  • Doors and windows
  • Bulbs
  • Switches and plugs
  • Floor and walls
  • Phone connection
  • Plumbing Fixes
  • Cleanliness and others

Third Part

  • Deposited amount
  • Remaining amount to be deposited as well as balance carried forward
  • Additional charges if any
  • Total unpaid balance
  • Cost for damages and cleaning
  • Amount to return to the tenant
  • Signature of tenant at the time of check in and check out

At the last part, the comments section is included. Free Printable checkin forms should be updated and evaluated after each term or year. This will make sure if any change is needed for the room or house plus if any fine is applicable. Now, you will get different printable forms in the various online website.

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