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Make an Excellent Buyer’s List Application Form to excel in Real Estate Market

A buyer and a seller have to go through some processes, agreements, and deals before handing over an estate or property. A Free Printable Buyer’s List Application Form is one of them. It is a contract that declares a real estate agent will assist a purchaser in the buying process for some commission.

This form is a legal paper, and the agreement is like an arrangement between listing agents and sellers as a seller cannot “list” his/her property directly.

A brief discuss the components of Free Printable Buyer’s List Application Form

As mentioned before, by this agreement, the broker gets the sole responsibility to assist a buyer for a certain period. The sections of buyer’s list form are here:

  • Time period –

This part mentions the exact time period that a buyer allows a broker for negotiating about the property’s type, condition and related rules and regulations.

  • Broker’s Responsibilities –

It is used for the broker’s attentiveness for this work.

  • General Conditions –

It includes buyer’s acknowledge receipt, terms of settlement of disputes (if there is any kind arises), and about compensation fees of the broker if there is any.

  • Payment of broker –

This part is for dealing with the broker’s payment – the percentage of purchase price he is going to get and the buyer’s commitment to pay the fee.

  • Description of property, its price, and terms of buying

The last part of this form is to the name, address and other details of both buyer and broker. Both of them have to put their signature here to make it authorized.

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