Market Sales Analysis – Comparables

Comparable Real Estate Market Analysis Form for the Fragile Real Estate Market

Comparable Real Estate Market Analysis Form is important, both for the buyer and the seller to figure out the actual temperament of the market.

Real Estate business is the proverbial golden goose, as people will never stop buying homes. With a Return on Investment of over 200% in most of the cases, it is said to be the most lucrative professions.

It is very easy to get duped, both as a buyer and a seller in this field. It is important that you learn to study comparable Real Estate Market Analysis Form and figure out the realities for yourself.

This data can be prepared and presented in the form of a Word file, Excel, PowerPoint presentation or simple notes.

Following points should be explicitly marked:

  1. Rate of the land in measuring units
  2. Average income of the surrounding households/families
  3. Connectivity with public transport/mainland/airport/railway
  4. Quality of Roads
  5. Prospects of growth in the region
  6. Investment & Business Development opportunities offered by the area
  7. How well developed are the basic civic amenities
  8. Schools and hospitals nearby
  9. Presence of Malls and shopping complexes
  10. Whether the area is recommended by the buyers and sellers alike
  11. Whether the area is crime prone or crime free
  12. Ethnic clashes

Any Real Estate buyer/developer/seller should evaluate property or properties on these parameters. These points list down all the features sought by potential buyers. It might vary from region to country, however, the basic assumptions and needs while investing in a worthwhile property remains the same.

Data points collected, verified and stored will help any buyer or seller in figuring out and evaluating the price of real estate.

Simple Market Sales Analysis - Comparables Template

Sample Market Sales Analysis – Comparables

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