Contract for Sale of Furniture and Fixtures

Important Points to List in a Contract for Furniture Purchase

Are you buying Furniture for your business or personal usage? We will help you with all the important aspects while preparing a Contract for Furniture Purchase.

How will you get protection for furniture?

As a buyer, it is rare that we have to prepare a Contract for Furniture purchase. Furniture is supposed to last longer than generations. However, a Contract for Furniture Purchase gives both the Buyer and the Seller ample protection against fraud & deceit.

In case you are planning to come up with a Contract for furniture purchase for your office or establishment, you need to ensure that following terms & conditions are included in the Contract.

  1. List down your Legal name and the other party’s official name/identity properly.
  2. Mention the date of the Agreement, and clearly mention the Date of evaluation of the furniture which will be the date when you buy it.
  3. Clearly, demarcate the dates or the period of time within which the seller will be responsible for the quality of the furniture bought.
  4. Mention what can happen in case the payment is not made on time. This empowers the seller as well. If the payments are not received, say, within seven days or so, the seller will have the right to contact the buyer and take further action.
  5. The address of both the parties, i.e., buyer and the seller should be mentioned at the beginning of the contract.
  6. Quality, quantity & the type of items falling under this Agreement should be written specifically.

This Agreement does not need to be lengthy, and only relevant information needs to be listed. Its purpose is to provide a guarantee on papers to both the parties.

Simple Contract For Sale Of Furniture And Fixtures Template

Sample Contract For Sale Of Furniture And Fixtures

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