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ABCs of a Sample Real Estate Offer Letter Template

What is meant by Real Estate Offer Letter?

While purchasing a house, you need to write an offer letter to the seller. Below is a list of essential inclusions of a Sample Real Estate Offer Letter Template.

  • Title- the letter can be addressed as ‘Offer Letter’
  • Letter addressed to- Seller or Real Estate Agent name
  • Property- Property name and address
  • Purchaser Name- Name of the buyer
  • Purchaser Address- this includes following contact details:
  1. Home Address
  2. Mobile no.
  3. Email address
  • Offer- The amount (in USD) you are willing to offer for the property
  • Settlement period the buyer needs
  • The contract conditions-
  1. This is an offer letter not a contract
  2. If the offer is accepted by Vendor, it will be formalized
  • The date of offer proposal

Additional tips and inclusions for Sample Real Estate Offer Letter Template-

  • Address seller by name-

Using the seller’s real name is a better approach than using the phrase ‘Dear Seller’. It shows that the letter was written specifically for that particular seller and not a generic letter.

  • Mention what aspect of the home seems most appealing-

Always remember that flattery goes a really long way

  • Keep it short-

The seller may be dealing with a number of prospective buyers. Keep the letter short.

  • Similar interests-

If there are any common interests that you share with seller, mentioning them might draw the seller’s attention and give you an edge

  • A picture-

A picture of yourself or your family may prove out to be helpful

  • Close letter aptly-

Thank the seller for considering the offer

short offer letter- good condition

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