Sample of Turn Over Letter – Must read on!

What is meant by Sample of Turn Over Letter?

Details of a turnover letter depend on what is being turned over and to whom. Either a signed formal letter is recommended for this or a legal document.

Property Turnover sheet-

Property turnover sheet contains a list of things that need to be considered before new owner or tenant moves into the premises. A property turnover sheet is important to catalogue any or all issues with the property.

Below are the details that a Sample of Turn Over letter must include-

  • The title of letter should be ‘owner’s firm name’.
  • The subheading should be ‘Property Turnover sheet’.
  • The property address includes following details along with their completion dates-
  1. Property address
  2. Zip Code
  3. Key Map
  • Property acquisition start date
  • Property acquisition end date
  • Turn on gas (completion date)
  • Is a water meter available
  • Are garage doors ok
  • Install lockbox (completion date)
  • Is roof replacement needed
  • Does carpet need replacement or cleaning
  • Turn on electric (completion date)
  • Turn on water (completion date)
  • Paint Touch Up or Complete (completion date)
  • Extermination (completion date)
  • Security devices needed-
  1. Drop bolts
  2. Peep holes
  3. Slider pins
  4. Window latches
  5. Smoke detectors required
  6. Batteries replaced
  7. Keyless dead bolts
  8. Slider handle/bar
  • Other such details
  • Additional notes regarding the property
  • Project substantial Completion Date

The turnover sheet is basically a checklist that ensures the property is completely ready in all regards.

Simple Property Turnover Sheet Template

Sample Property Turnover Sheet

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