Room Rental Agreement

What to include in your room rental agreement

Room rental agreement is a legally binding agreement and it promotes household harmony by clarifying the responsibilities of owner and tenant when they share the same home. When you find the right person to sublet the room in your house, you must write a room rental agreement to protect every one’s right and to define the terms clearly.

The basics of room rental agreement

The agreement is also known by sublease agreement and you might have heard of people sublet their rooms, some may wonder what it really means. Basically, it is someone renting a room from someone which is already be rented from the owner. The agreement is written between the original tenant who is leaving and the person who is taking over the original tenants room. The landlord doesn’t remain in the part of the agreement and the tenant has to take agreement from the landlord for sublease.

What the agreement covers

  • The amount of rent to be paid for the room
  • Security deposit to be required
  • Responsibility of landlord
  • What tenants can and cannot do on the property

What to be included writing the agreement

  • Full name and address of the tenant – every person living in the rental property should be named as tenants. Their permanent address should also be given.
  • The rent – the amount of the rent has to be specified and when it is due and how it is to be paid.
  • The deposit and fees – the security deposit amount has to be included in the agreement to avoid confusion and legal hassles.


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