Resignation Of Trustee And Appointment Of Successor Trustee

ABCs of Resignation of Trustee Form – Trustee Resignation Form

What is meant by Trustee Resignation Form?

The form is to be filed by a trustee who is stepping down from his/her duties. Trustee’s resignation needs to get authorized by state law or trust document. Resignation should take place in accordance with terms of trust.

Resignation of Trustee Form structure-                                                       

  • The title of form is Trustee Resignation
  • The wordings are as follows, I, followed by name, Trustee of so and so firm resign on date ______ from all of the responsibilities, title and rights of a trustee and disassociate myself from any and all interests I had or have in the trust.
  • The successor details- Before my resignation, I appoint so and so person with the address ________ as successor trustee.
  • I sign Resignation as a Trustee of above mentioned trust(s), in witness.
  • The next field is signature of the resigning trustee.
  • The state governing the county is specified.
  • The county governing the county is specified.
  • The rest of the fields mentioned below are for the judiciary officials.
  • On the date ______ of year ______, ________ (resigned) appeared personally before me, known as party that executes foregoing instrument.
  • The signature of the notary official is required
  • The seal of the notary office is needed. The document is considered void unless these fields are satisfied.
  • The expiry date of the commission needs to be mentioned.

The Resignation of Trustee Form – Trustee Resignation Form details may vary based on the state laws. The general gist or core idea, however, remains unchanged.


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