Notice Of Unsatisfactory Conditions Upon Inspection

Avoiding a Notice of Unsatisfactory Conditions upon Inspection

Say you have selected a property that you would like to buy. You have arranged all the funds, and are just thinking of moving into the property.

However, it may happen that the property is not in the condition you had last seen it. Poor maintenance on the part of the seller has resulted in the physical conditions of the property being unsuitable of living.

Therefore, you must ensure that the property is properly inspected before you buy it or you decide to move in.

Problems that commonly arise

There are a lot of problems that can make the conditions not worthy of living.

  • Pests are a huge problem, in fact one the most common problems for inspection.
  • Repairs may be needed at various places due to poor maintenance or aging.
  • Water facilities may not be fine.

And therefore it is important that an inspection is carried out before a property is finally bought.

Why these can be bad for the owner

From the seller’s point of view, it is also important that there are no problems that can affect their reputation as a property dealer. Any such inspection going wrong could mean receiving a Notice of Unsatisfactory Conditions upon Inspection.

So it is vital that the seller too maintains the standards that are expected by the buyer, or else it could not only mean that a Notice of Unsatisfactory Conditions upon Inspection can be served, but even the buyer may decide to terminate the contract they had signed to buy the property.

And such things can be a huge dent in a seller’s reputation, and thus needs to be avoided at all costs.

Notice of Unsatisfactory Conditions Upon Inspection

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