Affidavit Of Ownership

Details of Sample Affidavit of Ownership Form

What is meant by Affidavit of Ownership Form?

Affidavit of Ownership explains what is yours. It clarifies how you acquired or purchased a property. It is a proof of ownership.

Use and purpose of Sample Affidavit of Ownership Form:

  • Ownership proof of land/property.
  • Ownership proof of vehicles

 Sample Affidavit of Ownership Form structure-                                        

  • The title of form is Affidavit of Ownership
  • At the left hand side, the first two fields are the state and county name.
  • Next fields are name and the address of tenant. The text is along lines ‘I, name, residing at so and so address, being of legal age, depose that….
  • Property description-

The complete address of the owned should be mentioned in clear unambiguous words.

  • Ownership-

The ownership of the property should be specified clearly. The dead, the date of deed and the clerk’s office details pertaining to the property acquisition should be specified.

  • Possession-

The date you take the possession of the property should be mentioned. Matter will be along the lines, ‘I do not recollect any dispute or questions raised regarding the ownership or title of the property. My title to subject premise has never been rejected, contested or disputed.’

  • Encumbrances and lien-

Mention that no claims have been made to the right to possession or title. There are no pending actions in any court of law. No bankruptcy proceedings have been filed by me or against me in any court of law.

  • Purpose-

The purpose is to establish the rightful owner of the property.

Simple Affidavit Of Ownership Template

Sample Affidavit Of Ownership

Sample Affidavit Of Ownership Letter

Free Affidavit Of Ownership Template

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