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An insight to Free Printable Eviction Notice Form

An eviction notice is the first step in the process of evicting a tenant by a landlord. An eviction notice can be used by two people: –

  1. Landlord while terminating a tenancy and evicting a tenant
  2. Manager or owner of a rental property wanting the tenants to correct a violation of lease provision or move out

In case you want to avoid the pesky legal fee, there are many options for Free Printable Eviction Notice Form online.

Types of Free Printable Eviction Notice Form:

These are the common types of eviction notice used: –

  1. 3-day notice to pay or vacate

For a tenant to win this case, he needs to prove in court that he does not owe the amount which is being demanded by a landlord.

  1. 10-day notice to comply with rental terms or vacate

These are usually given if the landlord feels that a tenant is violating the terms and conditions of rental agreement.

  1. 3-day notice for waste or nuisance

These are inclusive of damage to rental property or criminal offenses such as drug and gang related concerns. A tenant has to take quick action while dealt with this eviction notice.

  1. No cause notice

This eviction notice gives a tenant 20 days to vacate the rental property. Usually used for a month to month tenants, no cause for eviction is required as long as 20 days are given before the start of next rental period.

Eviction can lead to being a costly business and should be chosen as the last option. Mediation is a good option for trifle matters.

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