Escrow Instructions

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An escrow in legal terms means that a third party holds and regulates the funds for a transaction between two separate parties.

What is escrow instruction?

These are the written instructions which are given to a title company, Escrow Company or an individual escrow by the buyer and seller of real estate while closing a transaction. It is very cheap and easy to fill up a Free Printable Escrow Instructions Form.

What all does it entail?

The instructions instruct an escrow agent to coordinate many tasks such as: –

  • Closing of the sale
  • vesting of Buyer’s title to the property
  • paying for fees by individual parties
  • instruments and documents needed by the escrow
  • date the buyer possesses the property

Importance of escrow

As a buyer, seller, lender or borrower you would want to protect your interests by making sure that no money is exchanged till the time all instructions related to the transaction have been followed. If you want to save up on the cost of filing, you can always go for Free Printable Escrow Instructions Form.

It is the duty of escrow to hold the funds and disburse them only when all the instructions of a particular transaction are met in satisfaction of all parties involved.

Who chooses the Escrow?

This is a unanimous decision between all the parties involved. It is as per an agreement between all principals. A real estate agent usually suggests a good escrow holder. However, it is the right of each principal involved to have an escrow that is capable and competent.

Simple Escrow Instructions Template

Sample Escrow Instructions

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