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A short explanation to Warranty Deed Form

If you are a seller looking to sell a piece of land or real estate, then Warranty Deed Form is a must for you.

What is a Warranty Deed?

A warranty deed is basically a legal form which claims that a seller has the right to transfer a piece of real property to a buyer. The seller is called a Grantor, and the buyer is termed as a Grantee in legal terms.

If you are searching for warranty deeds which are free printable Georgia, then you would not have to look hard. Georgia is a law-abiding state, and there are numerous of legal sites providing a free draft of Warranty deeds. Although you need to be sure of the exact kind you are looking for.

Types of Warranty Deed

There are three major types of warranty deeds differentiated according to

  • Level of protection
  • Defects covered
  • Period of coverage
  • Money

The three kinds of Warranty deed are: –

  1. General Warranty Deed

This provides the highest level of protection and is used only when money is exchanged. This covers the entire history of the property, which means a buyer or grantee receives the title from before the seller or Grantor had ownership. It also entails coverage of all defects including those not caused by Grantor.

  1. Special Warranty Deed

This type only takes into account the current Grantor. This means that the period of coverage and defects will be from the current Grantor. It comes into force when money is exchanged.

  1. Quit Claim Deed

This offers the lowest amount of protection with absolutely no coverage of defects or time period from the Guarantor. In this, no money needs to be exchanged.

Simple Georgia - Warranty Deed Template

Sample Georgia – Warranty Deed

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