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Lead Disclosure Form and Brochure as Free Printable Available: Safeguard From Side Effects

It is advisable to the lessee who has selected to buy or lease a house built before 1978 to check the details about the disclosure form from the lessor or seller. It should be attached to the lease which includes lead warning statement. The lessee then receives a pamphlet from the EPA which clearly mentions the threat of lead to health, maintenance of such houses and preventive measures to enable a healthy stay.

Does The Document Benefit The Buyer?

The aim of the both the documents are to save and educate the buyer to avert and stay protected from the hazards he might face in future. Equally the document work in one direction- to stay protected. Even the lessor or owner needs to act responsible and inform the buyer.

These documents are available online as Free Printable lead disclosure Form must be filled and attached to lease whereas the brochure remains with the tenant. The disclosure form can be checked and verified by the attorney and then attached. The Resident Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 also known as Title X needs the both the document when such a dwelling transaction takes place. Both the parties need to act as responsible citizens and abide the law.

Availability of the Form

Both the documents are available in English and Spanish languages. The brochure is available in Russian, Somali, and Arabic also.

Be a responsible citizen and work towards to achieve one goal-healthy living. The purpose of the Free Printable lead disclosure Form is to educate and protect the family from the hazard of lead exposure.

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Free Lead Pamphlet Template

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