Joint Driveway Agreements and Grants

Free Shared Driveway Agreement Form versus Joint Driveway

The free shared driveway agreement form is a form that helps in settling issues related to the shared driveway by two neighbors. There is a possibility that one of the owners owns a particular area of the driveway or else the complete driveway but the other neighbor uses the same driveway to enter or exit his own home. In that case, this form can be filled by the two parties to resolve these issues.

Issues circulating the shared driveways

There is always a possibility of disagreements when you have a shared driveway. It is not necessary that both the parties agree over a certain rule leading to discomfort and inconvenience. So it’s advantageous to fill a joint driveway agreement form or a shared driveway agreement form.

Aftermath of the agreement form

  • All the costs of the driveway ranging from its maintenance cost to repair cost to modification of certain utilities should be shared by the parties that share the driveway.
  • Even if there is a dispute between the parties in the future, then both the parties should come to a conclusion based on written consent of both the parties.
  • This agreement is valid for the owners, family and friends as well as emergency service providers right from fire employees to police as well.

Solution for the shared driveway

The individual who is about to purchase the property with a shared driveway can also check the resale values as well as consult an attorney regarding the shared driveway easement or agreement. This can help in resolving any issues or disputes in the future.

Simple Joint Driveway Agreements And Grants Template

Sample Joint Driveway Agreements And Grants

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