Moving Out of a Place to Your Place of Dreams

Hey guys!! If you want to vacate your present residence to your new place of your choice so go ahead but wait! Before leaving a place you have to give a written notice to your landlord of at least mentioned days as per the lease contract it may be 21 days or 30 days before you move out. So in this article you are going to know the tits & bits of Free Printable 30 day Notice to Vacate and Terminate Tenancy

30 days’ Notice to Vacate a Place:

 First of all you should have a valid reason to vacate the place like:

  • Transfer from your present location to another
  • Personal reasons to move out like marriage or family problem
  • Looking for a more comfortable residence
  • Expansion of your family so you need a more spacious apartment

So friends, in this way there can be a number of reasons and you can mention anyone of these.

So now you should know the format of Terminate Tenancy notice which is going to be discussed in this article.


  • Give your present address of residence/apartment
  • Give present address with your contact details like email id and contact number
  • In notice you have to mention your intent of move-out-date which should in accordance with your lease agreement for example if it is a 30 days’ notice then your move-out-date should be 30 days ahead of your notice giving date.
  • Mention your moving out address
  • Give your reasons to move out
  • Perform all formalities of your notice to vacate your place and tenancy termination in accordance with your agreement with your landlord to avoid any legal consequences.
  • Finally you can give your experience of that place/apartment and try to be unbiased while describing your experience.


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