Free Real Estate Property Inspection Checklist Form – Why it is important?

A free real estate property inspection checklist form is important for the individual who is about to buy a new property. The inspection checklist gives an idea to the individual regarding the areas of the property that require proper inspection ranging from the interiors to the exteriors of the property to the exteriors. Before buying the house, it is necessary for the individual to have a complete notion about the entire property. That’s where the real estate property inspection checklist form comes into picture.

The looks

A real estate property inspection checklist form comes with different sections that include electricity, plumbing and carpentry related issues. Apart from the interior inspection, there is also a section for exterior inspections and the inspector needs to mention all the issues that he records during the inspection.

The checklist also has a grading section where the inspector records his ratings as good, poor or average. This helps the buyer to arrive at a decision of whether or not he would like to purchase the property.

Advantages of the inspection form

  • This form is vital as it provides the individual a complete idea regarding all the areas of the property before actually buying it.
  • With the help of an already generated checklist, the individual will never miss out on any of the areas that require inspection.
  • After the inspection, it is easy for the individual to ask the seller for any important changes that need to be done in the property.
Simple Property Inspection Checklist Template

Sample Property Inspection Checklist

Sample Property Inspection Checklist Letter

Free Property Inspection Checklist Template

Example Property Inspection Checklist Agreement

Free Property Inspection Checklist Template

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