Vacate Notice

Prepare a professional form to make the tenant vacate from your place within the notice period

Are you a landlord and want your tenant to vacate from your place? Then you have to immediately give a vacate notice with a few days of time frame. However, you have to prepare a valid notice to make your tenants vacate on or before the given time frame. However, there might be ample reasons that the landlord wants you to vacate their home such as if you do not pay the rent on time, or if you have skirmishes with the neighbors, or if you damaging their home premises or if they want to move to their own home, etc. Despite of the rental agreement that was made at the start of the year, the landlord has right to give a vacate notice based on their valid reasons. However, it does not mean that, once you receive a vacate notice, you have to move out of the home immediately. Undeniably, you are given ample time to vacate.

However, if the landlord wants to give a notice to evict, then he/she must get the permission of the civil tribunal and after getting the approval notice from them, then the landlord can give this notice. Moreover, the landlord possesses all right to give an immediate notice to evict the tenants, if they are ruining the home premises. This notice can be given to the tenants, when the damage to the home property is high and if they are endangering the lives of the neighbors. However, tenants who have received the immediate notice can contact the tenant union for extension of the notice period.

Generally, the landlord give 14-day notice, 30-day notice, 60-day notice, 120 day notice or wait until the lease agreement is exhausted. However, if you have made the lease agreement for six months, then the landlord should give 60 day notice period and if the agreement was made for more than six months, then the landlord has to give 90-day notice period for the tenants.

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