Eviction Letter

Need of eviction letter

The eviction letter is a notice to the tenant to vacate the property before the end of rental lease. The decision to evict the tenant can multiple such as

  • nonpayment of rent
  • damage to the property
  • non compliance to the terms and conditions of lease of the property

This unpleasant situation can even lead to legal suit. The eviction letter ensures that the landlord does not make any mistake on his or her part.

Contents of an eviction letter

Know the law: you should be aware about how much time should be legally given to the tenant before he is asked to actually leave your property. In some states it is a legal provision to give a notice period of 30 days while others may allow 90 days period to the tenant to find another accommodation.

Keep it professional: the letter should be strictly professional written in correct format and precise and accurate language. The language should be polite and you should start you’re your name and address on the left followed by the tenant’s name and address on the right. The letter should begin with proper salutation thereafter. Mention the date by which you want the tenant to vacate your property.

Reasons for eviction: include in your eviction letter the reasons for eviction such as the nonpayment of rent or damage to the property etc.

Keep a copy: always remember to keep a copy of the letter with yourself which is a proof that you made no mistake as far as legality of the eviction process are concerned.



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