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The tenancy can be compartmentalized in periodic tenancy & a fixed term tenancy which is a refined name for a lease agreement. Irrespective of your ownership status of a landlord or a tenant, you ought to be well-informed about the distinction between periodic tenancy & fixed term tenancy in order to draft & read a rental agreement forms free printable correctly without getting into any trouble later on.

This article is targeted to enlighten both the parties’ landlord & the tenant about the legalities of a rental agreement forms free printable.

Periodic tenancies

These are the rental agreement that continues without any break until either of the landlord or tenants issue a notice to vacate the property. The notice is usually delivered 60-90 days prior to the date when either of the parties wants to execute the notice.

Fixed term tenancies

The rental agreement that is set for a standard amount of time, for example, one year & the end date is mentioned mandatorily in the agreement so that there arises no confusion. A landlord or a tenant does not reserve a right to end the fixed term agreement before the stipulated date & they are abiding by the terms of the agreement. Hence caution needs to be exercised while negotiating the terms & conditions of a rental agreement form.

There exist short fixed term tenancies which have duration of 90 days or less. Rules of increasing rent on accomplishing better maintenance & upkeep do not hold good for a rental agreement forms free printable of 90 days duration. Any duration having more than 90 days clause, however, has to follow market norms. Landlords are not allowed to consider short fixed term tenancy as a trial period to check out the credentials of the tenant & extend the agreement for a periodic agreement basis that.

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