Late Rent Notice

Taking the help of a late rent notice to re-establish the rental agreement rules and duties


Maintaining periodic rent payments can get difficult at times for the tenants and this result in late rent noticebeing given out by the landowners. From the view of the landowner this serves as a reminder of the failure to pay the due amounts. Now to send over late notices there are certain things that have to be kept in mind. One must have the notice properly written stating correct statements about the due payments and their amount and in case if you are demanding late charges then that should be mentioned as well. There are two more alternative reasons why one may consider sending such notices and that is either to emphasize the importance of timely payments or if one is thinking about eviction in case the tenant fails to provide further dues.


The benefits of sending a late notice


This serves not only as a reminder to the tenant of his remaining or late dues but also helps the owner to keep track of all financial transactions that have been made for future reference purposes. This notice is also important since in case of court dealings it can be used for proving the tenants definite failure. There are situations where even the late notices don’t work and in such situations a final quit or pay notice must be delivered to the tenants and if this does not work out either the a final eviction notice with legal help becomes the last resort.


From the point of tenants when a late rent noticeis handed out, it is usually seen as a kind of warning and therefore the majority of the tenants somehow make it possible to pay their due amount so that once again cordial relations can be re-established. Nonetheless such late notices are significant in emphasizing the duty ofthe tenant to pay his part.

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