HUD 1 Settlement Statement

Know Some Explicit Details Regarding Hud-1 Settlement Statement

Hud-1 Settlement Statement is fees charged itemize service for the borrower by the broker or the lender when he or she applies for a loan to refinance or purchase a real estate. This type of service is widely used in the United States of America as a closing sheet or as the settlement statement. The HUD refers the Department of Housing and Urban Development that uses Good faith estimate to provide the applicant settlement figures.

When Hud-1 Settlement Is Used

The hud-1 form has several usages that are used by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) as the standard legal settlement form for all transactions in real estate. Usage of this form is as follows.

  • Mortgage loans applied before 3rd October 2015
  • Reverse mortgage loans applied by the people who are older than 62 years of age and want to plug out equity
  • In case of all transaction between buyer and seller

In recent days ‘closing disclosure’ is used against the Hud-1 form. However, people who applied for legal settlement of their loan prior to the 3rd October 2015, still needs to submit Hud-1 form free printable to the competent authority.

Hud-1 Settlement Charges

The form has two columns, which includes borrower’s charges and the charges of the seller. Borrower’s charges consist mortgage fees like discount points, origination fees and etc. These charges have prepaid interest and all the property taxes. On the other hand, seller charges have the real estate commission and contractually agreed on credit. These charges are relatively lower than the borrower’s charges.

Well, this Hud-1 settlement is divided into various Sections and these are aimed to provide good and reliable mortgage service to the applicant.

Simple Hud 1 Settlement Statement Template

Sample Hud 1 Settlement Statement

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