New Property or New Tenant Info

Why property leasers take the New Tenant Information Form – Sheet so seriously!

Before leasing out a property to a person for living, or for the purpose of running a business firm, it is important that all the required information about the tenants is obtained.

Need for information of new tenants

Background information about prospective tenants is very necessary since nobody wants any trouble at the property that is being rented or leased out. Nobody wants to lease their place to a person and later find out that he/she is a criminal.

And forms are available for this exact purpose, so that one can make sure that the property is being leased out to the right kind of people. These are called the New Tenant Information Forms; basically a document that is a schedule of all the information required for a proper and rigorous background check.

Kind of information on a new tenant information form

A New Tenant Information Form – Sheet has a lot of info, some of the important ones being

  • Name and Date of birth, the two main identification points
  • Contact information
  • References, who can verify who you are and can also verify your character if need be
  • Number of occupants in case it is rented for residential purposes
  • Number of employees if rented for business
  • Nature of business

Importance of filling out the form properly

As a tenant, filling out a New Tenant Information Form – Sheet properly is of utmost importance, since any wrong information supplied could lead to eviction or rejection.

False information for background checks is also considered a serious offence, and at times can lead to fines and even prosecution. So this piece of document should be considered with much sincerity by both the tenant and the landlord.

Form Preview
Template New Property or New Tenant Info

Printable New Property or New Tenant Info Form

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