Broker’s receipt

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Broker’s receipt form is used to deal with the purchasing price of property between a buyer and a broker. After finalizing the sale of an estate, this form is for figuring out how much a broker should receive.

Points to be included in a Free Printable Broker’s Receipt Form

  • Name and address for correspondence of the purchaser
  • Address and description of that property
  • Amount that is going to be deposited
  • Installment and interest details
  • Date and time of which this installment should be cleared (and those steps if the purchaser fails to make payment within due date)
  • Mention the type of payment, information related to office, selling date, and total sale price with commission percentage. (commission of the broker)
  • Default statement for purchase
  • Time period is vital for this agreement, therefore specific agreement for extending time period for payment (not more than certain days or months)

There should be a disclaimer portion mentioning that this is an agreement between a buyer and a seller, and they both will maintain the above clauses. No terms and conditions will change or modify for any third party involvement.

After filling of all details in this form, the buyer signs it agreeing to all terms and conditions. The seller also put his/her signature approving to make payments to the broker and to sell that described property.

This Free Printable Broker’s receipt Form should be retained for managing further marketing deals in future.

Simple Broker's Receipt Template

Sample Broker’s Receipt

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