30 Day Notice

What to look for writing 30 days notice to your landlord

Moving out, from a rental home remains stressful and if you are considering moving out, from your rental home, you must inform your landlord about your plans. Most landlords require 30 day notice of your intention to leave from the rented property. This applies only if you are into month to month lease agreement. If your existing rental contract has not expired, then you should go for a separate process attempt to break the lease. A 30 day notice will give the landlord enough time to find another renter before the original tenant leaves. Here are given some tips to write 30 day notice to the landlord.

  • Know your lease agreement – you must first check what type of tenancy you hold and your landlord has entered into. For residential agreements it would be periodic tenancy and it comes in two forms. Month to month tenancies and fixed term leases.
  • Read termination clause – read and understand the termination clause because it would show you the direction how to terminate your lease.
  • Look for the delivery clause – after understanding how much notice you have to provide your landlord, you must know how the notice has to be delivered.
  • Writing the notice letter – when you write notice to your landlord, address the letter properly. You must include when your notice period will start. State the reason you wish to leave the home on rent. Include the date you wish to vacate from the rented property. Request respectfully for the refundable deposit and give the landlord your new address.


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